Restore your roof to it’s original condition.

Roofs are at risk if moss is allowed to grow. The vertical lap drainage is easily affected by small lumps.

Roof Before MossGoRoof After MossGo


After 20 years, a tiled roof often looks dirty caused usually by the presence of black lichen. A roof can be restored to its original condition after being treated with AlgoClear and without damaging the surface.

Roof Before and After MossGo


See the difference. The roof on the right was cleaned with AlgoClear in spring 2001 while the roof on the left was left un-treated. Picture taken early spring 2008.



Roof Treatment with MossGoWhat about jet spraying?

Jet spraying a tiled roof inevitably results in the removal of small aggregates at the surface of the tiles and creates a surface characteristic favourable to the re-establishment of the contaminants. If used, jet spraying should be carried out at the lowest possible pressure to remove moss balls only.

How does AlgoClear work?

One spray application only. AlgoClear kills the layer of black dots (generally micro lichen) algae and moss. No further steps need taking: contaminants will disappear in the wind and rain, leaving a clean and pristine surface.

How long does it take?

First results can be seen within 48 hours but the full process can take as much as several weeks depending on how strongly the discolourations adhere to the surface.

How about moss lumps?

Usually discolouring will begin within 48 hours. They will naturally fall in the gutter. Moss balls need to be thoroughly soaked. If the moss has been allowed to grow for too long, removing the larger lumps with a bristle broom will give a more consistent result when the natural cleansing process is complete.

How long does it last?

Normally many years. However, the moisture retention of the roofing material and its exposure to the sun are prevailing factors. Black discolourations and moss once gone do not re-appear for a long time.


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