AlgoClear effortlessly restores patios and other external surfaces to their natural beauty

AlgoClear is environmentally friendly, has accreditation for both amateur and professional use and produces excellent results on a wide range of surfaces such as patios, tennis courts, sport surfaces, timber walkways, glass houses, brick, tiled roofs etc.

Moss and algal growth on footpaths and patios cause major injuries each year. Protect your family and friends by making your outside home evironment safe with AlgoClear.


Patio BeforePatio After










Polycarb BeforePolycarb After

AlgoClear is a water-based concentrate. Just dilute with tap water and wet the substrate to clean using a spray or a watering can. Nature does the rest. A single 10 litres container will treat as much as 1000m2.

Suitable for all external surfaces

No need for pressure washing or rinsing which can damage surfaces

Environmentally friendly

Easy to apply: Just spray and go. No specific preparation required

Dependable: 100% effective every time


Paving Blocks

Paving Blocks

AlgoClear is invaluable for the maintenance of paved areas. Small lumps of moss often settle in the joints. Jet washing displaces the sand filling in the gaps. The displaced sand has to be removed and replaced : Maintenance becomes expensive.

One application a year is usually enough when green algae is the problem, every few years only to stop moss growth.










Application Rate: Diluted 1:12 to 1:17, 5L will treat 300 – 450 m2


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