Mosskiller ProGreentec Mosskiller Pro 4-0-3.3+9Fe

Greentec Mosskiller Pro (4N 0P 3.3K + 9Fe) is a mini granular, homogeneous fertiliser, formulated to kill moss in all areas of amenity turf. The fine granulation (1.0 – 1.5mm) ensures even distribution and provides optimum effect on moss plants within a grass sward.

Clean and easy to use, Greentec Mosskiller Pro is an ideal and cost-effective alternative to Lawn Sand.

During cooler times of the year, the low nitrogen / potassium and high iron content of Mosskiller Pro means it is ideally suited for use as a low temperature turf hardener / tonic.

Greentec Mosskiller Pro is packaged in 25kg bags, and suitable for application all grass areas.

Application Rates

Heavy – 40gms per m2 – 1 bag covers 625m2

General WinterGreen up – 25g / m2 – 1 bag covers 1000m2

Note: Iron will discolour stone & concrete

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.


Greentec Mosskiller
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