Selective HerbicideDicophar Herbicide

Kills broadleaved weeds in grass.

NB: If applied, will damage roses, bedding plants and shrubs. Take care when spraying

Active Ingredients:70 g/l 2,4-D, 70 g/l MCPA, 42 g/l mecoprop-P and 20 g/l Dicamba.

Dicophar is a translocated selective herbicide which targets a wide range of turf weeds. Dicophar’s special formulation allows uptake through both the leaves and the roots providing exceptional weed control. Dicophar’s powerful combination of 4 active ingredients ensures you are on target.

Dicophar Herbicide:

  • Powerful combination of 4 active ingredients
  • Unique selective herbicide formulation
  • Ideal for all sports turf areas and lawns
  • Versatile application methods

Weeds controlled by Dicophar Herbicide include: daisy, creeping thistle, creeping buttercup, ragwort, dandelion and clovers.

Dicophar Application Rates

Dicophar Herbicide is available in 5L packs and can be applied to all turf, sports and amenity grasslands and lawns from April to September when weeds are actively growing. Dicophar can be applied via a knapsack sprayer or a vehicle mounted sprayer or alternatively a watering can with medium rose.



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